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Raze It Up Onyx
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Название mp3: Raze It Up

Исполнитель: Onyx

Добавлен: 2015-06-24

Просмотрен: 730

Длительность: 03:59


Другая музыка исполнителя Onyx
Текст песни:

Official Naz Takeover

Yo, Yo, Official Naz Comin' Through betta (raze it up)
All my hoods' on the block better (raze it up)
All my peoples locked up better (raze it up)
You better (raze it up)
You better (raze it up)

Yo Yo
Lyrical Assault
Mics outlined in chalk
Gun Talk, homicide in New York
Caught a raw deal, horror Amityville
Hand me the steel, breathe in ya' man to get killed
Put a knife to the love of ya' life,
Put a slug in ya' wife
Blood on ya ice
Mud on my knife
Drug price, chain snatch cocaine crack
Goin they jacks with the gat blow ya brains back
Switchin' lanes and drop vests
Blow the top of the jet
Cock and wet you rocked for death
Driveby's pain in eyes painting black lines
All the way live
Guns in the sky
Move and die
Survivin' niggaz leave you left for death
One in ya head
Runnin from Feds
Drugs under ya bed
Crime kills blast rhyme skills like nine mills
So nigga dead
Cuz I kill so what

Official Naz comin' though betta' (raze it up)
Where my real thugs at you betta' (raze it up)
All my villains with the checks you betta' (raze it up)
You betta' (raze it up)
You betta' (raze it up)

RIGHT NOW, we gonna hit you up with the joints like BOW
Blast nasty
Fight pow
Styles takin' you to the bank
Me crew always pack shanks??
Lick that clit in a 600 Benz tint
(These degrees is hot)
MC's get got
Comin ta tangle from wild angles
Get mangled
Buck fifty game is blow you
Till ya moms won't know you
It take 2 cheap niggaz just to sell you
Its arrested then, me and my crew
It won't be beautiful,
All that shit you talk is new to who, (believe that)
Words hit you like a semi-gat
Any act, unaccordingly wait, gimme that
So core tight it was house
Complicated in death
Me and my killas still here
And yo ass is out
We up out the gutters
And let you get touched
Its such, blood rush
Raze it up!

Official naz comin through ya betta' (raze it up)
All the willies at the bar ya betta' (raze it up)
If you bouncin in ya car ya betta' (raze it up)
You betta' (raze it up)
You betta' (raze it up)

Sticky Fingaz
Madman, tear down stages
Ain't nobody dead or alive who could get with me and my rages
Throw my clip in a gat and I'm sick of this yap
And I'm ready to bust a cap
And if you happen
Ya niggaz will get shot fuck the rap
Get ya ass kicked
Set you up or get you blasted
Closed gasket
I'm the bald headed bastard
Black dust gave me black lungs
I pack guns
Im used to action like dodgin' bullets over crack funds
Blaze the mack 10
I could spot the sheisty villains cuz it take one to know one
Remove my mask and reveal myself
Heal Myself,
If I was you I would kill myself
So play dead eyes stay red
Spray lead
I'm way fed and ain't leavin without they head
Son holders they bout to get roughed up what
When you see me all you hear is: (gunshot kinda noises)

Official Naz Comin through ya betta' (raze it up)
All my shorties in the spot you betta' (raze it up)
If you don't wanna get shot you betta' (raze it up)
You betta' (raze it up)
You betta' (raze it up)
Official Naz Comin through ya betta' (raze it up)
When you see the Cops come you betta' (raze it up)
East coast West coast you betta' (raze it up)
You betta' (raze it up)
You betta' (raze it up)


Word Up Raze it Up
We doin it with a cutie c'mon bounce bounce bounce
Word up Raze it up
We doin it with a cutie c'mon bounce bounce bounce
C'mon word up raze it up

Клип Onyx Raze it up

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