Nokia Ringtone - Always Here

Always Here Nokia Ringtone
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Название mp3: Always Here

Исполнитель: Nokia Ringtone

Добавлен: 2016-10-11

Просмотрен: 408

Длительность: 04:29


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Текст песни:

On my lonley nights
the stars up in the skys
the blinking lights above
hoping you where there
to take away my fear

circling round the star,
like satelites we are
a light to guide my way,
no matter where you are,

you sleeped away that day
no way to change your way
we talked all trough for days
the poison in your venes
forgotten al those pains

I never will forget
the moments we first met
the day you married me
we promised us a life
without ethernity

I gave you all my love
but not for leave and starve
so now see what you'v done
you left a crying son.
and my life still must go on

sadness? in my eyes
my heart stand still and cries
but even when your gone
no matter where you are,
you are always near.

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