Mr Criminal - Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic Mr Criminal
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Название mp3: Fully Automatic

Исполнитель: Mr Criminal

Добавлен: 2015-12-11

Просмотрен: 370

Длительность: 03:05


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Текст песни:

Oh Shit

(What It Says In Reverse):
Fuck You Motherfuckers
This Is Hi Power E-N-T
All The Rest They Gotta Get Killed
In A Motherfucking Heartbeat
Fuck The Motherfucking Bill
Fuck The Subliminal
Fools Haven't Shut Up About Mr Criminal

1, 2 Criminals Coming
And Repping That Blue
3, 4 I'm Coming
To Settle The Score
5, 6 I'm Coming
And Busting Them Clips
7, 8 Repping Hi Power
Straight From The Gate
Ese Now 9, 10 Shouts
To The Homies In The Pen
11, 12 The Homies
Straight Busted Rebel
Ese Now 13
That Be The Number We Representing
And Putting in Work Clean
Sporting That Blue
And Stacking That Green
For That Southside
The Homies Representing Daily
On The Southside
They Putting In Work
And Busting Like Crazy
For That Southside
Every Day & Every Night
We Ride
We Kicking Up Dust
And Representing It
Rider For Life

Verse 1:
First Of All
I Be Coming With A Vengeance
No Repent
Motherfuckers Busting On A Witness
Mr Criminal Coming Back With A Sickness
Homicide Division
On The Game I Be Killing
Half Of This Wack Ass Game
I Ain't Feeling
Lake Side Rider
Like Lysto & Villen
Make Em Feel The Pain
Till They Need Penicillin
Criminal On A Mission
Trying To Make A Million
Still Don't Feel Em
Fuck Em Up
Hit Em Up
With A 9mm In My Pocket
Load It Up
Cock It
Aim It & Pop It
Vatos That Talk Shit
Fiend To Get Dropped Quick
Mr Criminal Modern Day Profit
Ballin' Gambling In Vegas
20's & 24's Always By Flossin
Chasing That Paper
Is Making Up Loses
Ese They Never Seen
A Young South Sider
That's Spittin Like This
Rappers Keeping Me Paid
Look At These Diamonds
All Off From My Neck & My Wrist
Vatos That Hate
Gonna Get The Four Fifth
Don't Really Wanna Get
Put In Tha Twist
Motherfuckers Really Gonna Get To The Sun
Then The Sun Up On A Mission
For The Come Up Bitch

Where The Fuck I Stand Right Now
On My Motherfucking 2 Feet
Last Man Standing In The Game
H-P-G E-N- Motherufucking T
Who The Fuck Spitting Like This?
Show Me One Ese?
I'm Taking Fools Heads Off Homie

Verse 2:
Fully Automatic Causing Static
On You Motherfuckers
With The Flows I Spit
Everybody Knows Mr Criminal
And The Punks That's Watching
Just Talk But They Don't Trip
I Been Down In The Dirt
I Been Down In The Trenches
Been Pulling Them Crosses
Been Hoping Them Fences
I Flipped
And Than Came To My Senses
Started Fucking Shit Up
In This Music Business
World Wide
They Screamin My Name
They Know When The Criminal
Fucking Shit Up
Hi Power E-N-T
We Run With Them Gangstas & Soldiers
No Punks
Homies Just Waiting & Loaded To Dump
Maybe They Pull Up They Shirts
You Get Stuck
Fuck All You Levas
And Fuck All You Chumps
Mad Cuz We Coming Up
I Still Be Spittin That Venom
If They Run Up
Watch A Hollow Point Hit Em
Give A Fuck
Watch How A Criminal Did Em
And Their Careers
Just End All Their Visions
I'm Spitting
Killing You Bitches
10 Years Straight
You Levas Been Full Of That Bullshit
10 Years Full Of Hate

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