B.o.B feat. Lil Wayne - Strange Clouds

Strange Clouds B.o.B feat. Lil Wayne
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Название mp3: Strange Clouds

Исполнитель: B.o.B feat. Lil Wayne

Добавлен: 2016-08-12

Просмотрен: 533

Длительность: 03:47


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Текст песни:

Verse 1: B.o.B.
Well if you guessin' it's me, you guessed correctly
I just stay with a stallion, you would swear I was an equestrian
And um, I'mma hit her with that pipe, call that Nancy Kerrigan
Stay on the greenest greens, call us vegetarians
You be on that minor league, but we smoke professionally
I do my job exceptionally, on point like a decimal is
The way I ride on the beat man, I beat every street and it's done so effortlessly
Yeah, so these niggas can't sleep on me, there's no Inception in this bitch
I'm top chef, you top ramen, I'm top shelf
No last call, to the bartender, what you got left?
Pour it up, don't stop there, hold your cup, take a shot, yeah
All night we celebrate, cause we everywhere and you not there

Hook X2
All we do is pour it up all night, drinks out
(That's how we do it)
And all we do is light it up
All night, all you see is strange clouds
Strange clouds

Verse 2: Lil Wayne
Blue jeans, I'm faded, mindin' my own data
Smokin' on that strong, that Arnold Schwarzenegger
It’s Tunechi Lee, you bitch you, you hot as an igloo
Kick back on that Glock, call that Jiu Jitsu
Hello world I’m with a yellow girl, number two pencil
These rappers is washed up, spin cycle, rinse you
My nigga, all day, all night, half-pipe
I dive in that pussy, ya I belly flop, I jack knife
And shit, tell my homies that I say it’s a party
Got that Tech for technical difficulties
I’m top dog, you top ramen, I’m top dog
Pi-ru, gangsters, outlaws

B.o.B. fuck with me !


Verse 3: B.o.B.
Well ain't no question, yes, it's B.o.B., yes definitely
Up in the studio, I got all my necessities
If you want that real shit, you made the right selection
I'm Decatur till I die, yes I rep that definitely
They say I'm a celebrity, what the fuck's a celebrity?
I guess I must invest in the proper from of protection
And I say it's a curse, but it's been mostly a blessin'
To a nigga from the hood
Tryin' to aim for the top, I don't even need no directions
I just wake up then I roll up the purp
But these niggas wake up on my dick, at least have some breakfast first
Nigga keep your nourishment first, and your mind on my lyrics
Cause what you hopin' to accomplish, I already did it
Bitch !


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