Стивен Сигал - Girl it's alright красиво

Girl it's alright (красиво) Стивен Сигал
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Название mp3: Girl it's alright (красиво)

Исполнитель: Стивен Сигал

Добавлен: 2017-03-11

Просмотрен: 521

Длительность: 03:49


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Текст песни:

If I were to say that now I have everything
And I want you to stay no matter what tomorrow brings
Would it make you feel something so real

Like even speaking your mind
Whisper your wildest dreams
Girl it’s alright by me

Once there was a king who lived in a foreign land
Had riches and gold, the envy of every man
But he somehow missed out on what I have now

Cuz if I dream in this world
You’re all that I’ll ever need
Girl it’s alright by me

This is the kind of thing
One might see in a movie
This is the kind of thing
That inspires one’s greatest poetry
Out of a million chances who would have thought
I’d be this kind of lucky one
Girl it’s alright
Girl it’s alright by me

Girl, if I should die and have to go away
I know I’ll be back to see you another day
Cuz this love that we have is one that will last

So let the mountains all cry
Let the sky falling down
We can’t live in the past and the future won’t last

But if I live for today it won’t go away
So please
Know it’s alright,Girl it’s alright by me....

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